Drink More Merlot

Starting off with this 2018 Merlot from Columbia. Some people are averse to giant wineries, and here’s why that can be a mistake: They have massive buying power and access to some of the best fruit, plus they can afford top quality winemakers. This is a single vineyard sourcing from Weinbau vineyard and the merlot […]

Eta Sigma Delta

Thank you, Emily Bagott, @UnboxedwithEKB, for asking me to present to Eta Sigma Delta. What a fun and engaging group! When the students are in the Beverage program at WSU, it’s perfectly fitting for everyone to start off the Zoom meeting declaring what wine they are drinking! (It was Mt. Hood Dry Riesling for me.) […]

Wine Heretics Podcast

Looking for a new wine-related podcast? Interested in getting a job in a tasting room for fun? Check out Wine Heretics with Jack Costa. https://podbay.fm/p/the-wine-heretics-podcast. I joined him to discuss the wine industry in general, and specifically the hospitality side of things. Jack is expanding his reach as he approaches graduation from WSU and is […]

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