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Meet April

My dedication to the Washington Wine and Hospitality Industry has spanned nearly two decades. I started as a tasting room server and since then I have managed large and small tasting rooms, directed the wine program at the Walter Clore Center, and now I teach and consult. 

Join me as we discover the next phase of potential in your brand and business.  

My clients approach me with an idea of where they need help, and we get to work. Change effects growth, and I will guide you through it. 

Virtual Training Sessions Now Available! *

*(As of 9/21/23 this section is under construction and will be completed soon! The buttons below are not yet active; contact me for alternate payment methods April@ReddoutWine.com) 

Trainings are now available for purchase as pre-recorded sessions. These are perfect as part of your new employee onboarding system, or as refreshers for your experienced team. 

Options include a generic version of this training or a specific, customized training that includes your products and club structure as examples. 

To arrange for a customized session, contact me. 

For the immediately available version, click below and you’ll receive a link that you’ll have access to for one calendar year. Share it with as many employees as you can; and please keep it within your organization. 

Sales and Marketing

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My goal with each client is to help them sell more wine. My strategies include staff training, leadership development, and sales coaching. 

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Wine Club

A robust wine club is the sign of a healthy business. Let me help by creating a club, giving your existing club a facelift, or managing your club communication and releases for you. 

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Training Videos

Now offering pre-recorded trainings that you can use as part of your onboarding process or training refreshers. 

Business Development

Team Building

Leadership matters! I offer tasting room manager coaching, and team trainings. Invest in your team and you will see the return in sales and club conversions. 

Team trainings topics: 

  • Customer types 
  • Club conversion strategies
  • Training on upselling 
  • Reading customer cues
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Tasting Room Ops

Have you ever wondered what happens in your tasting room while you are away? I offer secret shopper audits – I will visit and put your team’s skills to the test. Let’s find out what opportunities are awaiting development! 

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HR/Administrative Support

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the admin parts of running your business, I’m here to help. 

I can assist with communications in the form of  newsletters, email promos and wine club releases.

I offer limited HR services, including creating Employee Handbooks and Policies & Procedures manuals.  

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