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Meet April

April Reddout has worked in the Washington wine industry since 2008, opening and managing successful tasting rooms, plus establishing and directing the wine program at the Walter Clore Center. She holds a Master’s Degree in Management and Leadership and operates Reddout Wine Consulting, helping wineries sell more wine by improving DTC and Hospitality operations. 

  • Program Coordinator, WSU Wine Business Management Certificate Program 
  • Instructor, CWU, Marketing, Management, Budgeting
  • Instructor, WWCC, Business Program 
  • Columnist, Great Northwest Wine Magazine
  • WSET Level 2, and Level 1 instructor 

Every winery can improve their marketing, hospitality, or operations departments. I can take you from “good” to “great”. 

Want to sell more wine?

Sales and Marketing

Want to sell more wine? 

Let’s evaluate your marketing, hospitality and events programs. We will build on what is working and fix what is missing. 

Training Videos for Tasting Room Staff

Now offering pre-recorded trainings that you can use as part of your onboarding process or training refreshers. 

Need to build your club?

A robust wine club is the sign of a healthy business and right now consumers are quitting clubs and not joining others. Let’s talk about some strategies that could boost retention! 


Six live webinars make up the Summer Refresh Series, a workshop-style education program delivered by Shae Frichette and April Reddout. 

The series begins Thursday, May 23, 2024, from 9:00 – 10:30 and continues for six weeks, focusing on the following topics: 

May 23: Learn to set SMART goals and how to achieve them 

May 30: Create an onboarding system that will empower new employees early

June 6: Develop a performance review system that improves growth 

June 13: Create a social media strategy for the year 

June 20: Create an intentional events strategy for your brand and plan for two years 

June 27: Learn skills for handling difficult conversations with finesse 

This content is aimed at tasting room managers, event and club managers, their assistants, plus general managers and owners. Series cost is $1200. 

Register by April 30 and save $300! 

To protect the privacy of the workshop participants, these sessions will not be recorded; however, generic recordings will be available to purchase soon. 

Business Development

Sales Training

Leadership matters! I offer owner coaching and team trainings. Invest in your team and you will see the return in sales and club conversions. 

Team trainings topics: 

  • Customer types
  • D&I  
  • Club conversion strategies
  • Training on upselling 
  • How to attract Gen Z 

Assessing Tasting Room Operations

Have you ever wondered what happens in your tasting room while you are away? I offer secret shopper audits – I will visit and put your team’s skills to the test. Let’s find out what opportunities are awaiting development! 

Club Manager

If your club has grown to the point of needing a manager, but you aren’t ready to hire a F/T person, consider outsourcing to me as a bridge to the next step


Blog Posts

Welcome to my blog, where I’ll publish thoughts about wine (and maybe hospitality or the lack thereof?) Here’s what you can expect:

  1. I might write about my clients’ wines.
  2. I might write about wines made by people in my professional network.
  3. I might write about wines I buy at Costco, find on vacation, or drink at a friend’s house.
  4. I’ll always be the one deciding what I write about, and I won’t trade write-ups for any wines or money.
  5. I won’t list aroma or flavor descriptors. That’s another topic for another day.

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